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  • About WANEP-Nigeria

    West Africa Network for Peacebuilding Nigeria (WANEP-Nigeria) was established out of necessity to provide an organized platform for collaborative peacebuilding for conflict transformation and development in Nigeria by indigenous Non Governmental Organizations with diverse capacities and interest in human rights, conflict transformation and good governance. Established and registered in 2001 and 2003 respectively, its operational framework was designed along the visions of the regional network operating in West Africa, Chad and Cameroun with the ultimate goal of building sustainable peace for growth and development in the region.

    WANEP Nigeria operations are structured along the geo political constellation of Nigeria and targets grassroots ownership of peacebuilding initiatives through its member organizations in all the thirty six (36) States of Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Membership of WANEP-Nigeria, pursuant to constitutional provision is for organizations with 40% conflict transformation and peacebuilding initiatives. Some of these organizations however have other areas of competence other than peacebuilding. WANEP-Nigeria has over 200 member organizations spread across the six geopolitical zones of the country.

    Intervention programs of the Network are divided into five basic thematic areas: Conflict Prevention; Women in Peacebuilding; Active Non Violence and Peace Education; Democracy and Good Governance; Research and Documentation

    • Active Non-Violence and Peace Education: strives to institutionalize non violence and peace education in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

    • Conflict Prevention: works towards the establishment of civil society early warning and response system in Nigeria, which is linked to ECOWAS Early Warning system at the regional level. It also works with relevant government and inter governmental agencies towards Disaster Risk Reduction in the country

    • Democracy and Good Governance programs strengthen governance capacities through developing and integrating conflict management systems at different levels of governance and also ensure transparency in decision making.

    • Women in Peacebuilding program (WIPNET) offer opportunity for the participation of women in peacebuilding mechanisms through a coordinated network that facilitates advocacy, reconciliation and transformation.

    • Research, Publication and Network Coordination promotes cross-fertilization of resources and expertise among zones.

    WANEP-Nigeria seeks to:

    • Strengthen the peacebuilding capacity of organizations and practitioners to actively engage in the prevention and/or peaceful transformation of violent conflicts in Nigeria;

    • Increase awareness and use of non-violent strategies as a proactive response to conflicts in order to avoid violence;

    • Promote principled and responsive leadership in the country within context that appreciates the culture of non-violence, advocates for just social, political structures and relationships;

    • Engender conflict prevention and peacebuilding issues in the country; and

    • Harmonize and develop conflict prevention through peacebuilding activities by networking and coordination of WANEP members into viable networks and mechanisms.