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News Room - Conflict Prevention

To further strengthen the capacity of the state monitors towards effective data gathering and analysis especially as the project steers up to its third phase. The HERD Phase three project seeks to deepen data gathering and analysis for informed early warning and early response at local, state and National levels. To this end did it become expedient to intensify and enrich the system through the appreciation of monitors understanding of expected contributions to the success of the HERD Phase III project.
The training was also of essence arising from the ongoing electoral process in the nation to give reporters clear perceptive of issues to be monitored during and post elections in their respective states.

The training started with an overview of WANEP Nigeria for the purpose of the newly engaged reporters to have the basic understanding of the workings of the network followed by presentation on the phase II of the HERD project as discussed by the Program Manager viz a viz its successes and failures which precipitated the phase three of the project as well as the expected contributions by field monitors.
There were series of other trainings on topics like: the concept of human security by the NNC, hazards and vulnerabilities by the Program Manager, An overview of incidence and situation reporting and lots of other educative and informative topics to enhance the capacity of the monitors.

The objectives of the training are as follows

  • To strengthen the capacity of field monitors on effective data gathering and analysis for enhanced early warning and early response at local, state and national levels
  • To further facilitate the active engagement and deepening of data gathering at grassroot level
  • To aid the development of zonal work plan for implementation of activities in support of the success of the phase III of the HERD project
  • To expose field monitors to the enhanced early warning system of WANEP Nigeria and create a platform for experience sharing and finding solutions to challenges encountered in the course of reporting.
  • To familiarize new reporters to the process of early warning reporting


  • Clarifications and better understanding of early warning reporting
  • A draft of zonal work plan on activities geared towards deepening data gathering and active engagement of stakeholders at local and state levels in their respective zones, delineating roles and timelines for achievement of each task. The fully developed action plan is to be sent to the WANEP Secretariat  on or before 15th of May, 2011 while the Secretariat draws up the budget and send materials to the zones for the activities
  • The use of the crisis lines for situation tracking and richer grasp of situation and incidence reporting especially for the new set of reporters
  • The Glo crisis lines were assigned to new reporters and the missing lines retrieved, also were zonal analyst present given identity cards.


  • The time frame for the implementation of the work plan was said to be very short considering the ease of reach of Local Government Councils in each state. It was concluded that the commencement of the activity will take into cognizance the change in governance hence; it will kick off after the inauguration of the new administration
  • The use of ALGON/ Ministry of local government as a platform for reaching local government chairmen in the various states was recommended for active engagement.
  • Development of  a glossary of terms for easy definition of terms should be  added  to the manual of the modified EWS for clarity and better understanding