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WANEP Nigeria with the support of OXFAM NOVIB organized a two-day Consultative meeting from 1st to 2nd August 2013 at De Ritz Hotel, Ikeja, and Lagos. Participants included the Chair and Board members of WANEP Nigeria, Country Director of OXFAM in Nigeria, the Associate Country Director OXFAM NOVIB, other staff of OXFAM, Director of Programmes at WANEP Regional Office in Ghana, the National Network Coordinator of WANEP Nigeria, Programme Managers WIPNET and Conflict Prevention, WANEP Zonal Coordinators and WIPNET Zonal Focal persons .


Following discussions and issues raised during the meeting, these recommendations were made:  

  •   The  Board should perform  its over sight  functions  as stipulated in the Constitution of WANEP including project site visits;  
  • The role of the WANEP National Secretariat shall be that of administration, monitoring, fund raising, coordinating and providing technical support;
  • Ownership: Activities of the network should be made participatory and done by network members; WANEP should be member driven;  
  • With respect to project implementation, Network members to implement projects should be written into the proposal document.  
  • The process for identifying members that will participate in project implementation will be based on objective criteria.   
  • WANEP will provide real time, reliable humanitarian information for Nigeria. 
  •  WANEP should develop a strategy for Communication, fundraising and Networking.  
  • The National Secretariat, Network members and Community members from the project areas should participate in the process of project development from planning,  implementation to monitoring and evaluation; 
  •  The auditing of the secretariat  account shall include the Zonal accounts; 
  •  The Network should be integrated into the various Humanitarian fora in Nigeria.  
  • The Network should maintain a data base management system that can be enabled for logistics information, thematic areas and expertise of member organizations.  
  • An action plan to practicalise the above to be developed by the Consultant and the Secretariat and shared with the participants for input.

Communiqué drafting Committee Members:

1. Tajudeen Abdul Hadi- Zonal Coordinator North Central

2. Nasir Mohammed –Zonal Coordinator North West

3. Pally Ehhore –Zonal Coordinator South-South

4. Sadiq Ibrahim – Zonal Coordinator North East

5. Miriam Menkiti -Zonal Coordinator South-East

6. Hamzat Kolowale –Rep Zonal Coordinator  South West

7. Barr. Iruka Nwokedi –Focal person WIPNET South-East